Email Account Information - Password Information

Changing your Password - The IT Service Desk is not able to reset email/network account passwords due to security reasons and your protection. This applies in all cases, including being away from campus, so be sure to set up your profile in the Password Reset Manager. The reason for this change in policy is to improve security for network/email account passwords.

If you forget your password, you can reset it in one of two ways. The preferred method is to do it online. This method requires that you answer the questions set up on a Q&A Profile (see information below on the password reset manager). This option is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. IT recommends waiting 15-20 minutes after changing your password before attempting to use the new one.

If you did not set up a Q&A profile, you will need to visit a computer lab during normal lab hours and present your JWU issued ID to have your password reset.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that when you change your JWU email password, you must also update any mobile device where you have JWU email configured with the updated password.  Failure to update your password on any device may lock your email account and prevent access.

Password Reset Manager JWU offers a utility, Password Reset Manager, which allows you to securely reset your own forgotten password. In order to use this 24x7 service, you must first create your Questions & Answers profile. Review the Password Reset Manager demo for a step-by-step demonstration of the process.

Without the creation of this profile, you will not be able to use this tool. Create your profile immediately after receiving your email account information. Once you have successfully created your account profile, you can securely reset your own password if needed.

Password Requirements Your password must contain at least six letters or numbers, and cannot be the same as your username. You should not share your password with others. Your email account is issued specifically for your personal use. You should keep it secret just like you would an ATM number. University employees, including the IT Service Desk, will never ask you for your password, nor should you offer it.

Password Expiration Passwords expire every 90 days. In order to keep your account active, you must change your password before it expires. Ample warning will be given by the system for passwords that are about to expire. Password changes are required to protect your account from abuse by other individuals.

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