JWU Network Access: Ongoing Protection for Your Computer

Continual maintenance of updates and anti-virus tools on your computer helps prevent disastrous outbreaks of viruses and worms. We strongly advise you take proactive steps to keep your computer safe.

Run Microsoft Windows Update

  1. Using Internet Explorer, go to
  2. Choose the Express Install and follow the wizard. You may be required to restart.
  3. Repeat Windows Update Express Install process until no more updates are available for your system. The page should say "No updates available" and the "Install" button should be in gray.

Perform an Anti-Virus Scan

  1. Open your anti-virus program and do a full system scan of all local drives.
  2. If you do not currently have an anti-virus program (Norton, McAfee, Symantec, etc.) installed on your computer, JWU provides students with Symantec anti-virus software for Windows and Mac users at no cost.

Update Symantec Anti-Virus (JWU provided anti-virus software)

  1. Find the small Symantec icon (looks like a yellow shield) in the systray, on the lower right side of the screen.
  2. Double click on it and a "Status" window pops up. Click "LiveUpdate" from the menu on the left side.".
  3. A window will pop up that says "Welcome to Live Update Express" and it will automatically start checking and installing any needed updates".
  4. When finished, the "Status" menu is then displayed again. Close this window.

Scan and Clean Your Files

  1. Download the Norton Power Eraser.
  2. Follow instructions listed on page to install and scan.

Call the IT Service Desk

  1. If you were blocked from accessing the JWU network or the Internet and have performed all the above steps, call the IT Service Desk. We will rescan your computer, and if it is found to be clean, internet access will be restored.
  2. You will then need to update your virus definitions. Please run the update process for your anti-virus software.
  3. It is recommended, once your virus definitions are updated, to run one more full system scan.
  4. It is also recommended that you visit the Microsoft Windows Update page on a regular basis.

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