Your JWU Email

Microsoft 365 The university uses Microsoft Office 365 for all student email. Office 365 offers an easy-to-use experience with email, calendar, sync capability for mobile devices and 50GB of email storage.

Why Use JWU Email The university email system is considered to be the primary medium of formal communication with students. Each JWU student receives an email account that serves as a tool for sending and receiving email and accessing important university resources. Use your account to access current information about term start requirements, payment information, course work, the university calendar, student activities, athletics information and more.

Logging On You can access your Office 365 account from any web browser that has Internet connectivity. If this is the first time you are logging into your account, visit our first-time user process to obtain your credentials. Otherwise, log into jwuLink to access your email.

Email Account Management JWU offers a utility, Password Reset Manager, which allows you to securely reset your forgotten password.

Public Folders Public folders will no longer be available through your JWU email account. If you need to access public folders, you can get to them from jwuLink's 'Grades & Tools' tab.

Report Account Misuse If you believe someone other than yourself is using your account, you should immediately change your password, and then notify us. We will work with you to remedy the situation.





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