JWU's On-Campus Network

JWU IT works continually to keep JWU's network secure and available for everyone. The network supports our computers, internet, printing, telephones and much more.

Securing our Network

JWU utilizes a network access and validation security system called JWU Network Access to prevent unauthorized computers from accessing the JWU network. This ensures a safe, secure and reliable network for you, on Resnet or wireless.

Protecting Your Computer

Due to increasing virus and worm outbreaks, it is recommended that you take steps to protect your computer before you use the JWU network. This keeps your computer and the JWU network safe and secure.


ResNet is the Student Resident Network, which offers connectivity to University online resources as well as the Internet, from within your residence hall room. The University does not charge a fee for this service, all you need is a computer with a network card and you can access the Internet anytime. Learn more: how to access ResNet, how to set up your computer on the ResNet and steps to take to protect your computer from viruses and spyware.

Please note: The school does not offer access to the University ResNet from off-campus locations. You can still participate in email discussions with faculty and students as well as Internet email and uconnect from any other Internet Service Provider.

Wireless Access Johnson & Wales has implemented wireless hotspots for students in different locations throughout all of the campuses. You will need a WiFi compliant wireless card to access the University network and Internet in those areas. Get more information for your specific campus.

Network Storage Students have network home directories for class-related work. details

Telecommunications Learn more: important dialing instructions and voice mail instructions for your specific campus.

Cable TV Johnson & Wales provides cable TV service for each room in all residence halls. Get details regarding service at your campus.

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